sreda, 14. februar 2007


Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of March, 16h – 19h, club SOT 24,5

Workshop presentation: Saturday, March 10th at 16h, club SOT 24,5

Teatteri Tunteenpalo Workshop


During Red Dawns Katja Kähkönen, paper theatre puppeteer guesting the festival with her performance Dark Paradise, will lead a workshop based on the technique of classic peep-show-box. The participants will create their own peep-boxes, a multidimensional adventure through the world of autosexuality and voyeurism. Katja explains:

The peep show box deals with the idea of a limited view. When we can not see everything we tend to make our own conclusions and explanations to fill up the gaps. We have the urge to make the vision clearer; we make an effort to see. Peeping is slightly forbidden. Peeping is about searching for secrets in a secrecy. It is also about looking into a strange and unreachable world. When peeping we are conscious of the body being in one and the sight in another space. It is a dreamlike experience. For this reason there is a surrealistic touch in the project; peeping is about being at the border of dreams and the physical world. The limited view creates illusions and the illusions play with our desires and weaknesses.

It sounds almost out-of-worthly, but includes a lot of cutting, gluing, drawing and building. Create your own secret space, fill it with your desires and dreams, and open a tiny gate through which it can be gazed at in privacy.

The workshop is free and open for anybody interested. Please, let us know in advance (until March 1st) that you are coming to: (Subject: Peeping).

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