ponedeljek, 6. oktober 2008

Call for Submissions – Red Dawns 2009

In March 2009 Red Dawns will rise for the 10th time! It's the magic number. The festival has transformed and grown over the years under the influence of all the people that participated, debated, reacted and witnessed our ravagings. It's not a women's festival anymore, it's a feminist-queer festival that cares less about adjectives and more about adverbs: How? When? Why?

And what is a feminist-queer festival? Is it sex or gender? Is it politics or party? Is it history or future? Is it contra or pro? Is it angry or horny? Is it just like you, or something completely different? Perhaps the answer for now has to stay: All of the above. We want freedom, justice and love for all, but we know that the way there is mined with contradictions and struggle, just as it always was. On our festival we take time to explore utopian possibilities, and deal with reality. But most importantly, we do it together.

As always, we are inviting you to join us with your questions and answers. All suggestions welcome within the field of the usual festival programme: visual arts, performance, music, literature, theatre, dance, workshops, debates (and an empty space for the unpredictable)!

Yours truly,

Red Dawns