torek, 13. april 2010

Book presentation 'Women on the Edge' / 'Ženske na robu'

The different contributions in Ženske na robu (Women on the Edge) all rely on an awareness that despite recent emphasis on gender equality, that equality often remains merely formal. The authors tell stories about women who have been marginalized (lovers, nuns, prisoners, circus artists and travellers) and who, despite their differences, continue to live, love and work in traditionally male domains.

The book was presented by the editor Maja Sunčič and the authors (except for Alja Adam): Katarina Župevc, Jana Drašler, Špela Kalčić and Neža Mrevlje.

Ženske na robu was published in cooperation with Zavod Liminal and ISH Faculty of Postgraduate Humanist Studies.

Below are some photos from their short and concise presentation/press conference...