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Red Dawns photo exhibition opening!

You are invited to refresh your memory and have a laugh at the photo exhibition of the past four Red Dawns festivals (2004-07). Photos were taken by Anna Ehrlemark, Jasmina Klančar, Lisa Newman, Matija Praznik and Špela Oberstar. The exhibition also includes a flip-book with collected images from the 1000 Tiny Sexes workshop and posters questioning the relationship between sex and economy which were part of the Sex, Work and Society exhibition.

The exhibition will be in Kolodvor Library in Ljubljana (in the passage way under the main train station).

The exhibition opening will be on Thursday, April 5th 2007 at 20.00
WELCOME! (Open until April 30th.)

Library Kolodvor opening hours: Mon-Fri between 8:00 and 20:00
More info in Slovenian on:

torek, 20. marec 2007

Questions about sex, work and society

Working on the brochure text for Red Dawns festival we decided to create a questionnaire with the questions that came up in our research, curatorial and artistic processes and that each of us have considered as the most important. Soon, an idea appeared - to make posters out of the questions and to spread them in Ljubljana's public spaces. To put the questions on posters is the attempt to place them in society, to make them public on a broader base.

The posters are available in English and Slovenian at Alkatraz Gallery. Come, take and spread!

(The posters were made and this letter was written by
Julia Wieger, Elke Auer, Esther Straganz, Eva Jantschitsch and Eva Egermann.)

sreda, 14. marec 2007

How to change your sex and gender in a thousand tiny ways?

The 1000 Tiny Sexes workshop was attended by some very kul people from the furthest possible places - Iceland, Russia, USA, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia. Really, we came and continually come from landscapes all of our own, not fenced by political geography. We discussed gender and sex.

On the first day, we talked about situations which make us feel most reduced to our sex and gender. We countered those with situations in which we can "forget" about our sexual or gender identity because it simply doesn't matter - or is accepted in all its clarity/confusion. The exchange of experiences and feelings that followed seemed to lead to one narrow difference; the difference between situations in which we feel safe and accepted and situations in which we feel uncomfortable, even threatened. Because the latter are really common, lots of us were saying the same thing all over: we feel safe when we are alone, we forget about our sexed selves when we masturbate or have sex, when we are with friends.

The second day tiredness and the bike repairing workshop stole half of the participants. We drew 1000 tiny sexes and wrote down instructions about how to change your sex (temporarily or forever) and gender in a thousand tiny ways...

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you have drawn or written something on your own and would like to submit it to kanarinka and Jaimes Mayhew together with the rest of us... please write and send your contribution to

These are our paper traces:

torek, 13. marec 2007

Deconstructing Cooking Workshop

Before the 1st and founding meeting of women's, feminist and queer festivals in the Balkans, Zoe led a five minute workshop to make 5-minute-sweets, especially valuable for big festivals and at home when you have house full of guests.

The recipe:
1 banana and/or 1/2 kiwi
1 chocolate spread
2 biscuits

Peel a banana, spread the chocolate over it, crush the biscuit all over and ... start an orgasmic eating. For post orgasmic experience try the same with half of a kiwi.

(Written by Dunja)

The Making of Herstory

Or: The 1st Meeting of Women's, Feminist and Queer Festivals in the Balkans.

Mima Simić & Drvena Marija in Klub Monokel

Sex, Work & Society exhibition

Photos by Mikhail Nemtsev

Danijela Majstorović

Documentary film director Danijela Majstorović from Banja Luka came to Red Dawns to present her two documentaries: counterpoint for her and Dream Job and answered many many questions regarding the making of her documentaries and regarding the current social and political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Photo by Mikhail Nemtsev.

Reclaim the Streets!

On the night from March 8th, the International Women's Day, to March 9th, an anonymous group of activists reclaimed Ljubljana's streets. Or, to be exact, renamed them.

We were wery delighted and amused by the action which was documented a few days later by photographer Nada Žgank.

Red Dawns' team found the action higly amusing - especially because we have heard that similar actions happened recently in Sarajevo and Zagreb. Coincidence? A coordinated international feminist action? Or simply another proof of the unpredictable yet often coinciding birth and realizations of the same idea at the same time on a different place... Hoooray!

All Nada Žgank's photos can be seen on:

The Tiptons

Virginia Genta & Co

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