torek, 20. december 2011

Invitation to Red Dawn's benefit party - Thursday, 29.12.2011


Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear!
(English version below.)

Ekipa feminističnega in queerovskega festivala Rdeče zore je v polnem zagonu: pripravljamo naslednji festival, ki bo med 7. in 10. marcem 2012 tudi z vašo pomočjo lahko znova kljuboval samoumevnostim, vpisanim v spol. Rdeče zore lahko podprete že na prednovoletni nabirki ali treš benefit žuru.

Oder: burleskne, plesne, drag in striptiz enodejanke. Nastopajo: Lucifer Vertovšek, anonymous sTripper, Jožefina Jožef, The Snake Lady, The Hunter z nastopom 'Fuck Xmas' in drugi!
Zvok: INTO TRASH: DJ KITCH vam postreže s plesnimi trash zvoki raznih sort, zmešanimi z 80-imi, punkom, orientom
Video: KITCH (v Menzi), Ana Grobler (na dvorišču, tehnična pomoč Neven Korda)
VJ: I.G.S.empl, KITCH
Dekor: Alota Trash
Gretje: koktejli in kuhano vino, majčke in broške z motivi Rdečih Zor
Dresscode: Treš! (Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear!)

Vstop: 3 € (vključuje kozarček kuhanega ali broško)

Četrtek, 29. december 2011 ob 21.00 v Menzi pri koritu, AKC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana
Vabljene, vabljeni!

Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear!

The Red Dawns team is busy preparing the next festival, scheduled between March 7th and 10th 2012. With you help, the feminist and queer festival Red Dawns is going to be able to counter common (non)sense about gender and sexuality for the 13th time! We invite you to express your support by visiting Red Dawns’ trashy benefit party.

Stage: short burlesque, drag and striptease shows by Lucifer Vertovšek, The Snake Lady, Josephine Joseph, anonymous sTripper, The Hunter with 'Fuck Xmas' and others!
Sound: INTO TRASH: DJ KITCH serves you danceable trash of all sorts, mixed with ’80s, punk and Orient
Video: KITCH (indoors), Ana Grobler (outdoors with Neven Korda’s technical support)
VJ: I.G.S.empl, KITCH
Decoration: Alota Trash
Heating: cocktails, hot wine and the collection of Red Dawns T/shirts and badges
Dresscode: Trash! (Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear!)

Entrance fee: 3 € (includes a glass of hot wine or a badge)

Thursday, December 29th at 9 p.m., Menza pri koritu, Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana

P.s. For those of you who have been asking whom or what do we mean by "trash" in the title of the party - and what does it refer to in terms of the dress code. Here's a possible answer from Virginie Despentes' book King Kong Theory:
“... the weirdos, the ones who shave their heads, those who don’t know how to dress, those who worry that they stink, those who have rotten teeth, those who don’t know how to go about things, are never given presents by men, those who will fuck anyone who’ll have them, the fat tarts, the skinny sluts, those whose cunts are always dry, those who have big bellies, those who would rather be men, those who behave as if they were men, those who think they’re porn queens, who don’t give a damn about guys but are interested in their girlfriends, the ones with big arses and thick, dark body hair they don’t wax, brutish, noisy women, who destroy everything that gets in their way, those who don’t like perfume shops, whose red lipstick is too red, who haven’t got the figure to dress like hookers and yet desperately want to, women who want to wear men’s clothes and a beard in the street, those who want to show it all, those whose shyness is due to their hang-ups, those who don’t know how to say no, those who are locked up in order to be controlled, women who are scary, pitiful ones, women who don’t turn men on, those with flabby skin and a face full of wrinkles, those who dream of plastic surgery, of liposuction, of having their nose broken so it can be reset but can’t afford it, women who look like the back of a bus, those who can rely only on themselves for protection, who don’t know how to comfort others, who couldn’t care less about their kids, women who don’t behave; and men who don’t want to protect, men who would like to be protective but don’t know how to start, men who don’t know how to fight, those who cry easily, those who aren’t ambitious, competitive, well-hung or aggressive, men who are fearful, timid, vulnerable, men who prefer looking after their home to going out to work, men who are fragile, bald, too poor to be attractive, men who’d like to be fucked, men who don’t want to be counted on, men who are scared to be alone at night.”

petek, 16. december 2011

The 2012 call for submission is closed!

Illustration by Helena Janečić

The Red Dawns collective would like to thank everyone who responded to our call for program submissions and volunteer help for the next festival edition that will take place in Metelkova mesto between March 7th and 10th 2012. 

We are going to start reviewing the program submissions on Thursday, December 20th 2011. Everyone can expect an answer soon although we ask your patience as the number of submissions exceeded our expectations and capabilities yet again! As Helena's cute worker says: How much (excellent) queer work!