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Red Dawns will host the workshop in the name of its initiators (experimental film-maker, performance artist and writer Jaimes Mayhew and artist, researcher and digital media lecturer kanarinka from U.S.A.) -- with their approval, guidance and “virtual presence” through a powerpoint presentation.

Below you will find the projects' description and guidelines on how to submit your work directly to the initiators. However, if you intend to come to Red Dawns, then you are very much invited to join the workshop and imagine a thousand tiny sexes together with other participants. The workshop is free and open for anybody interested. Please, let us know in advance (until March 1st) that you are coming to: (Subject: A 1000 Tiny Sexes). The exact venue and time of the workshop will be published later on this blog and on


A Thousand Tiny Sexes is a print publication project that seeks to reimagine sex as a political, economic, legal, cultural, and biological category. We are seeking 1000 TINY SEXES which are not Male or Female.

How to Submit:

  • Download and complete the form from

  • Attach your Drawing, Image and/or Text.

  • All submissions will be printed as 1.5in x 1.5in (3.8 cm x 3.8 cm)

  • Email 300dpi electronic submissions to or mail them to: Jaimes Mayhew, 102 Longwood Ave #3, Brookline, MA, 02446.

  • Deadline: No deadline, we will keep collecting until we have 1000 good ones.

  • Multiple submissions OK.

  • Original artwork will not be returned.

What not to Submit:

  • Do not submit crotch shots - i.e. pictures of genitalia, yours or anyone else's.

  • Do not submit BIG or LONG things. Every submission is printed at 1.5in x 1.5in (3.8 cm x 3.8 cm), so your image or text must be able to fit in that space.

  • Do not submit websites, video, photography, film, portfolio work, installations, long essays, or sculptures. (If you have made related work in these mediums, email us your url and we will link to you from our research archive).

Questions? Email us at

ABOUT THE PUBLICATION: The collection of A Thousand Tiny Sexes will be published as an artbook with an introductory essay by the editors, kanarinka and Jaimes Mayhew. We are seeking publishers. The publication will be available for sale once published. Submissions must meet the criteria below and the editors reserve the right to reject any submission.

Why SEX? This project seeks to create a collective reimagining of sex as a biological, legal, political, economic and cultural category. We want to catalalyze creative thinking about the ways that sex is multiple (more than just MALE or FEMALE) and the ways that sex is performative, embodied, durational, contextual and contingent. We want people to use the resulting publication to experiment with tiny ways and tiny actions to think outside the gender box.

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