ponedeljek, 12. februar 2007


This shall be a workshop to learn about some basics in bicycle repairing, open for all women and transgender people. What we will do exactly during the workshop will depend on what the participants want to learn, what they already know, but also on what kind of bikes, spare-parts and tools are brought. We will have some stuff there, but the best is if you just bring your bike (also if it's not broken) and, if you have, also tools and spareparts.

We will also try to prepare a list of important tools in English and Slovene.

You don't necessarily need to apply for the workshop, though it would be better so we can prepare ourselves accordingly.

Workshop will be in English language. The exact dates and place will be publishe later on www.metelkova.org/rdece If you have any questions regarding the workshop, write to: rdece.zore@gmail.com (Subject: Bycicle Workshop)

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