ponedeljek, 10. marec 2008

To get to know Joomla and some visa trouble

During the whole festival several workshops took place- part of them also the computer workshops or the gender changers. One of them was getting to know the wide world of making a web page with joomla given by Majda Puaca from Serbia, but still only until a few days before the festival it was not sure, if this workshop, as all the user actions, made by Serbians could happen at all.
The Slovenian embassy in Serbia is closed, as a consequence of the events after the declaration of independence of Kosovo and so it was nearly impossible to get a visa through the Slovenian embassy. The more easy traveling in Europe got for EU citizens, the more difficult it got for all of those, staying outside this "coterie". The positive part of the "Schengen-union", is that "people from outside wanting to enter" can take any visa of a Schengen country, not necessarily the one they are supposed to travel to, to enter EU- anyway again, another example of inclusion-exclusion mechanism and even though the festival was supposed to deal with the gender aspect of this mechanism a short improvised discussion or presentation of the events could have been interesting. Doubtless this fact was present for some of the participants anyway, sure not everybody even knew about it and I in my point of view, it can never causes you damage to realize in which environment you built up your "island" of festival, action, ...
In any case the participation of the Serbians got possible at the end and Majda could give a pretty motivating, relaxing joomla workshop, where people could really get a broad overview about the program, a delight for continuation of playing with joomla to figure out, the possibilities for the realization of what they always wanted to put at a web page, but never got to do. Furthermore at the end a short discussion with some participants started and the topic "entered", albeit in smaller group...

And for all interested i a nice example: http://www.eng.queerbeograd.org/

Antje Hoehne

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