ponedeljek, 10. marec 2008

Please, do not feed the Lesbian! - a comedian evening by Urska Sterle

Urska Sterle, a young female comedian, performed at Saturday night at the Rdece Zore Festival in the only lesbian club of the town, Monokel. The small room was already time before, totally full and entering only succedded with a strong will. At the end, people were trying to get the show also from outside... watching all this going on before, it seemed to become an interesting and good show.
But either it was my lack of knowledge about the brisance of the topic in
Slovenia or my different understanding of humour. However from my point of view the presentation missed something less obvious and a deeper humour, than only a relatively open reproduction of the existing stereotypes. For sure the show of the young Slovenian comedian caused laughter also in me, but it was more a short and superficially one, than the deep one, that bumps up again and again also after the show, that I expected. Nevertheless it was an entertaining show and maybe the aim is already reached, if the majority of the audience enjoys the action.

Antje Höhne

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