petek, 07. marec 2008

Emelie Röndahl - Angry Ugly Feminist.

Emelie: I'm so fucking tired of being the angry ugly feminist all the time, but it's a dirty job and somebody's got to do it.

Anna: This is a feminist festival, you can take a break for once and let others do the job. You deserve it.

Emelie: Yeah... Fucking feminism. Always having to explain other peoples definitions. Spiritually me and Svetlana are on the same level. She just grabbed for a different position of opposition. Don't know why i'm not as famous as her though...

Anna: Hold your horses. Fame is not what it used to be. You're better off in oblivion. I'm sure Svetlana would agree.

Emelie: Nobody forgets the angry, ugly, feminist. I'm a 20th century icon.


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