sobota, 07. marec 2009

Pink Disco in K4! Ladies Night on March 8th

Sunday night in K4!
March 8th 2009 at 22.00
Kersnikova ulica / street 4, Ljubljana


Whether you're straight or lesbian (or in between), femme or butch, with a lipstick in your purse or keys on your key chain... March 8th is your day! Celebrate it with your friends at K4's very own women's party!

Music: four DJanes playing styles ranging from house to trance, pop to r'n'b: Huda, Guilty Eve, Jadry, Nibeye
visual: Quadesh
special exhibit: project 'SHE' made by young designers Urška Petrič and Agnieszka Rovšnik

Women: 2 €
Men: 5 €

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