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You're invited to actively participate in the first Anarcha-feminist festival in Zagreb (Croatia) that will be held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April, 2007.

The program is imagined to contain a number of lessons, discussions, video projections, workshops, exhibitions, presentations and performances that introduce, describe, fulfill, expand and define the term and the idea of anarcha-feminism.

The festival will last for three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) while we're preparing a d.i.y. harcore punk gig on the first and second day.

We also hope to attract as much guests from abroad so we could have a richer and more diverse program. However, groups and individuals from the former Eastern Block/Eastern Europe are given the advantage because we want to connect and get to know each other better so that, by cooperating, we could talk about the problems we believe we share.

Since the Croatian policy hopes to integrate in the EU, it is in the same position as, for instance, Czech Republic and Poland were so we can learn about the upcoming problems from their experience and share the experience and models of solutions with countries in the similar situation.

We hope that Zagreb will attract guests from many different places thanks to its location between Poland and Romania and become a meeting point for anarcha-feminists every year. Hoping to create a diverse program, we're inviting guests from abroad, but since some of them come from countries with lower life standards, we are fully aware of the financial problem and are actively working on collecting money for travel expenses to make it possible for a bigger number of participants to come.

Since we're an anarcha-feminist group of affinities that believes in self-sufficiency, solidarity and d.i.y. principles of organization, by this we appeal for solidarity in organizing benefit gigs or collecting donations. If you want to contribute, contact us on and come to support!

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Please send this invitation to everyone you think that might be interested!


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