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What is rampenfiber?

rampenfiber is a queer feminist music festival which will take place from the 20th - 23rd of September 2012 for the 3rd time in Vienna/Austria. The core of the festival are the concerts with a strong emphasis on female* performers and musicians. The background of the festival is to offer a stage for female* artists, to strengthen and/or create networks as well as to bring up the difficulties and barriers linked with the music business for discussion. During the 2nd festival there was an emphasis on a queer-feminist occupation of space which lead to the discussion about the choice of the location. Anti-sexist and anti-racist securities as well as how to define and acquire such a feminist space were also part of our considerations.

What are we looking for?
For the upcoming 3rd festival we would like to relate to various ways of queer–feminist political activism, how to deal with it in daily life in addition to theoretical discussions.
We would like to connect with:

+ other queer-feminist collectives
+ networks
+ artists
+ activists
+ grrlzine/fanzine creators
+ party organizers
+ radio-journalists
+ bands

Our aim is to exchange the (different ?) experiences and realities and to stretch beyond national borders. The festival offers a platform, a space for connection and wants to show the many diverse ways of queer-feminist resistance, action and activism.

We are interested in:

+ discussion input for panels dealing with the local circumstances of building up a queer-feminist network as well as on a national basis, the manifold strategic answers to emerging political problems
+ bands and performers for a stage show
+ workshops (practical as well as theoretical)
+ and other means of participation and transposition

If you are interested please send a short description / project draft of your ideas to: (Sorry, only in German, but we are working on an english version)

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