sreda, 21. januar 2009

Kitty Queer Benefit - Jan 31st 2009

On Saturday, January 31st 2009

Alternative Disco Kitty Queer in ACU, Utrecht is hosting

Red Dawns Festival in a gesture of solidarity and support.


Main floor: Resident DJ's

The bar-room: Distro stand with information about Red Dawns Festival (posters, flyers, photos) and silk-screened linen bags, sold in order to support the 10th Red Danws fest.

Price: sliding scale, 3-8 EUR.

Doors open: 23:00 - 04:00, Entree: € 3.50
ACU | Voorstraat 71 | Utrecht|

Red Dawns fest wants to thank the ACU collective, and especially Liedeke, for making this collaboration possible. We are also grateful for ACU's volunteers decision to donate their February tips for Red Danws Fest.

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