petek, 09. marec 2007

Surgemony III: Here with You

gyrl grip (Llewyn Máire and Lisa Newman) performance or install/action Surgemony III: Here with you is going to happen in front of Klub Monokel tomorrow, on Saturday, March 10th between 19.30 and 20.30.

In July of 2004, Llewyn Máire underwent a gonadectomy – the removal of gonads – in preparation for full sexual reassignment surgery at some point in the future [funding permitting]. Lisa Newman recorded the entire process on video.

This experience and video footage has led to the development of a series of performances and “install/actions” titled “Surgemony”.

In “Surgemony I: Loving the Alien”, through text, action and surgical video, we created a snapshot of our lives leading up to the surgery, and the fears and reactions from our friends and family.

In “Surgemony II: Segue”, through
the use of movement and surgical video, we explored the rediscovery of intimate touch after a physical and hormonal change.

There is a huge lack of writings, research, and discussion around intimacy and sexuality within people in transition – and even less on the partners of trans/intergender people.

Hence, in "Surgemony III: Here with You", through action and documentation from "Segue", we will be celebrating some of these relationships, both past and present.

Photos by Llewyn and Anna.

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