sreda, 07. marec 2007

Program changes & update

Hi, there has been some program changes... and some new people coming! Here they go:

The Friday night concert was originally supposed to include bands Pauline in Rage from Vienna and zero2nine from Basel. Both bands cancelled, each for reasons of their own. Instead, you are invited to come to Menza pri koritu and listen to the following bands:

Evazija - anarcho hardcore band from Zagreb
First Fatal Kiss - pop-punk-new wave-garage rock from Vienna.

During the First Fatal Kiss show, VJs Small but Dangers are going to create live images using the newest technology – an overhead projector!

* * *

There is one more workshop coming up on Monday, March 12th between 12.00 amd 14.00 in Hostel Celica, Središe Gallery

Music workshop with The Tiptons (USA)

Music games of improvisation and composition

The workshop is meant for musicians and music students. The participants are asked to bring their own instruments. Together we will investigate different technics of experimenting and composing music. With the inspiration from The Tiptons’ own music we will create some compositions of our own. We hope that the participants will contribute their own ideas and experiences.

Information and applications: Jessica Lurie,
Or just come...

* * *

Please, check the blog in a day or two to find out the date & place of the surprise performance or instal-action by Gyrl Grip: Surgemony III: Here with You.

The performance or “install-action” conducted by American artists Llewyn Máire and Lisa Newman explores the rediscovery of intimate touch after a physical and hormonal change through the use of movement and video.

See ya!

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