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Red Dawns: Saturday, October 26th 2013

The program on Saturday, October 26th, is going to wrap-up the special autumn edition of Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns, organized in collaboration with City of Women - 19th International Festival of Contemporary Art as part of our joined project Red Dawn above the City of Women.

You can check the whole program at our website. This Saturday, you are invited to the following events:

13.00, Mesarski most, Central market, Ljubljana
Street dance performance
ACT Women (Serbia): My Body, My Territory


A socially engaged performance about sexual violence against women. It is dedicated to sexual abuse survivors and addresses the complex process that women who have experienced it go through: from the moment of rape to the point when they decide to report it to the police and dare to say: »Rape is never a woman's fault. The perpetrator is the one who should be ashamed.«
No entrance fee

16.30, in front of Menza pri koritu, ACC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana
Ana Čigon (Slovenia): Dear Ladies, Thank You

An evolving performance that has been presented in several variations. The common thread that connects all versions is the discourse of the under-representation of women in art history, art theory, art institutions, and in the broader collective memory.
The performance is a part of Urban Art Projects, produced by KUD Mreža. Supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City Municipality of Ljubljana.
No entrance fee
18.00, Menza pri koritu, ACC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana
Lectures and workshop
Jasmina Husanović (BiH): Doing a double-take through BiH lenses: Materialising feminist and anticapitalist critique and practice
Lilijana Burcar (Slovenia):
From an orchestrated destruction of socialism back to capitalist barbarism: imposition of regressive socio-economic status for women
No entrance fee

21.00, start in Menza pri koritu, follow-up in A-Infoshop, ACC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana
Reading performance
Bibliothèque Érotique (The Netherlands): The Empire of the Senses

Bibliothèque Érotique will start with a short reading performance in Menza pri koritu and continue their erotic readings (
Henry Miller, Marquis de Sade, Audre Lorde, Anaïs Nin ...) in a more intimate manner in A-Infoshop, which will get a make-over for this special occasion, arranged by Ljubljana's own Red Cabaret. The audience is invited to discover, through sight, taste, touch and sound, an enhanced experience for their erotic fantasies. Consensus, respect and enjoyment will constitute the precepts of ‘Boudoir des Sens’.
Price for both events in Menza: 7 eur, 5 eur (students upon submission of an identity card, pensioners, persons with disabilities, unemployed and self-employed in culture).
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22.00, Menza pri koritu, ACC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana
Sound performance
chra & Cherry Sunkist (Austria): black black black black nr.1

The sound performance takes place in complete darkness, allowing the listener to rely on her ears and imagination, rather than her eyes; to experience sound in a public, yet intimate, setting. Their experimental mix of pop, dub, minimal techno, and ambiental electronic music is played at different volumes, and from different angles, encouraging the audience to approach this ever-changing soundscape actively, by moving through space and in between other listeners. .
Price for both events in Menza: 7 eur, 5 eur (students upon submission of an identity card, pensioners, persons with disabilities, unemployed and self-employed in culture). Supported by the City Municipality of Ljubljana - Department of Culture
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The program will continue with DJane Vaservaga's & DJ Augenmas' (Slovenia) "Kein spass, bitte!" DJ program, featuring electro music, Syrian techno and Youtube extravaganza.
All events, except for Ana Čigon's performance, are supported by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

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