sobota, 18. julij 2009

For fuck's sake - Red Dawns at Istabul Pride

Why do you watch porn, and what do you miss in mainstream porn? were the two questions that framed the Red Dawns XXX-Politics discussion/filmscreening at Istanbul Pride in june. Sex sold better there than in Ljubljana (where the porn screenings on this years festival were surprisingly empty) and the workshop had over thirty participants that willingly shared personal facts about masturbatory habits as well as conflicting thoughts and critics on the subject of so called independent porn. Coming from a queer-feminist festival in constant identity crisis ;), also this discussion soon came to circle about what exactly makes porn queer or feminist and how to deal with different feminist critics of mainstream pornography while letting your mind turn on "wrong" fantasies. The interpretation of the feminist intentions behind for example Jennifer Lyon Bell's Headshot where diametrically different. Somebody watched it as a feminist revenge-blow-job, humiliating the man by exposing him vulnerable on film, another as a revelation showing that the so battered male pleasure isn't the mysogynic core of porn at all – pleasure is good. One voice stated that there is absulutely nothing more feministic about Jennifer's remake of Andy Warhol's Blow job than the original at all, while somebody else pointed out that from a feminist point of view the prologue-epilogue showing the actors' mutual consent means everything. An intense and relevant discussion interrupted only by the films and Rüzgar running to turn the volume down in an attempt to hide our immoral intentions from the neighbours...

Revolutionary free love to Istanbul Pride from Red Dawns!

And Rüzgars photo-story is here.

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