četrtek, 06. marec 2008

car repair workshop - interview with Ksenija Glavac

How the idea to make a car repair workshop at the rdece zore festival came up?
Mostly women are supposed not be able to handle the repairing of their car. But this is something that should be changed, so the idea came up, to give women the possibility to get to know their cars better and to get to know how to fix some basic stuff.

Did you ever such workshop before?
No, never. But then some of the festival came to me, for repairing their car and in our place it is always like this, that you also have a tea or coffee together after fixing the car. So the idea came up that I make the workshop at the festival.

And now, after doing it, what´s you impression of it?
Oh, I really liked it. I think it is necessary that people get to know some more things about fixing the car. Before I asked myself what to tell you...because to for e.g. windsreen wiper is something everybody already knows, so where I should start? But than my daughter said to me, noe I don´t know how to fix it.Therefore I started to explain really basic things. Because for me that is no problem, but if you don´t know it, it can become a problem and it is good if you don´t have to ask for every single thing a mechanic.

What do you like most of your work?
My work is very different every day. Sometime I have to do paperstuff and another day different cars are coming that need to be fixed. It is always something different. I don´t like to do the same every day, and in this job I don´t. And I also don´t like to have a boss. I want to be my own boss and I want to be able to work when I want to and I want to be able to say, today I want to have a day off - that´s what I can do here.

So it is only to say thanks for the interesting workshop and let us see what repairing workshop is going to take place at the next festival.
Antje Höhne

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