petek, 18. januar 2008


For this years Red Dawns festival in Ljubljana we feel an urge to open the Pandora's box that we are actually working out of - feminism. Just another ism that happens to be ours, sometimes broad sometimes narrow, sometimes a base for mutual understanding, sometimes a source of conflict. In the quest to understand who we are, what we think and how we work we need your help. We would like to invite you to participate in the online appendix to this years Red Dawns festival: Everything you always wanted to ask about feminism, but just didn't.

It will be a simple blog linked to the festival homepage, a blog where feminist (and those who have something to say about feminism) put and answer questions connected to feminism, activism, politics, love and life. We would like as many different views as possible represented and don't plan to self-censor the debate where and if it pops up. But the main goal of this initiative is to communicate with our broader audience, to demystify our motives and make clear that feminism is a starting point for a never-ending discussion rather than a rock-hard conviction.

Would you like to participate and speak your mind? (The more the better, please feel free to forward this invitation to whom it may concern.) The first step of the home-work is to think about questions. What is your personal dilemma, are there some feminist issues you just don't understand, do you want advice about how to combine personal and politics, are you a woman or a man or did somebody make you one, what good is a woman’s festival, is your feminism a life style or a political tool box, and more and so forth? Send your questions to and subject the letter Q&A.

When we've received enough questions to start we'll send you a list from which you can choose one or a few to answer. The answers will be published together sorted under question. It would be nice if you could include a presentation of yourself with name and a few lines about your connection (or non-connection) to feminism. Questions and answers should be written in English, Slovenian or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. Since this -ism is too important to exclude half of the population from we are not limiting ourselves to biological bipolarity – all sexes are welcome to participate!

Yours truly,
Rdeče zore / Red Dawns.

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